Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Rent the Runway

Yes that’s right you can quite literally ‘rent the runway’, well at least that’s what I did. I was faced with the “Oh my god I have nothing to wear” dilemma once again. One of my best friends weddings was coming up and I kept putting off buying a dress because nothing felt right. What’s the point in buying a designer dress just for the sake of it - especially for the $400 price tag? 

Being a wedding guest can be a hella’ stressful. You’re so excited for your besties big day and it's that one rare day in the year where you can put in that extra effort and look amazing. In the social media free days you could be an outfit repeater on those special occasions but now, there’s not one event where you aren’t photographed in every item in your wardrobe. As a result of this, I have a whole separate cupboard of dresses I’ve loved in the past but never worn again.

So in order to recount how I found the perfect wedding guest dress, I’ll have to go back to the runway - the VAMFF Elle Runway at the Royal Exhibition Building. The lights were dimmed and everyone sat eagerly waiting for the next collection. CMEO Collective glowed on the screen and the perfect dress glided down the walkway. Needless to say, this was a dress I could not get over for months to come.


Now I’ve tried rental dresses before and had some pretty great experiences, but with my 9-5 job, it’s difficult to get that time away from the office just to try on a dress. So it hit me, why not try online? I’ve been following GlamCorner on social media since day dot but always worried about the online factor and what I would do if it didn't fit.

So I visited their site searching through endless designers including Thurley, Keepsake the Label, Asilio (just to name a few) and discovered Cmeo Collective. Now, what would be the chances of my dream dress being up for rent? Zero I thought but there it was the Levity Midi Dress in Cherry available in my size.

Being a cautious online spender I acquainted myself with exactly how it works. Many of us know that it can sometimes be a small difference from one size to another and that the dress does not always fit. Luckily, Glamcorner offers a fit guarantee which means If the dress doesn’t fit or you’re just not happy with it you can send your dress back with tags attached and they will send out a different size for free or give you a full refund.

So how does it work?

Glamcorner allows you to filter dresses by size, colour, brand and date of occasion making the whole digital selection process seamless. And I might add here - it’s great because you don’t need to try on a dress with constant interruption from a salesperson.


Dresses on the site range from $49 to $379 and my Levity Midi fit right on the lower end of the scale $49 for an RRP $229 dress and $10 shipping. I personally thought this was an absolute bargain. If you're unsure of your size choice or don’t know if you will like the design you can add an extra dress for $15. So I sat there credit card in hand and in a few short clicks I had myself a new season designer dress for $59.

The standard recommendation is a 4-day rental and with my taking place on a Saturday, I scheduled its arrival for the Thursday giving myself time to play around with shoes, a jacket (because Melbourne) and last minute jewellery. The dress arrived right on time in a pretty pink box - extra points for the pretty ‘cause who doesn’t love presentation. There was also a return bag folded neatly in the parcel. I couldn’t help myself and tried on the dress over my office clothes, it fit like a glove.

The day and afterthoughts 
I paired my dress with black strappy heels, a black fur jacket, YSL evening bag and Hollywood wave hair. The look was exactly what I had envisaged.


The next morning I begrudgingly placed the dress in its return bag and drove down the road to the express post box. Did I mention you don’t need to worry about dry cleaning that’s included in the price and there is a $100 accidental damage insurance to cover the little mishaps that can sometimes be unavoidable.

I returned to work on Monday and my colleagues were already booking their next dress on Glamcorner. For a girl who loves wearing designer, Glamcorner is the way to go. My only disappointment was that I had to give the dress back I ended up falling in love with it but I knew I wouldn’t wear it again.

To lock down a designer dress for your next occasion head to their website.

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