Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Psst Blondes! The best kept secrets for your hair...

You may have noticed from my Instagram that I have recently gone lighter! A nice ashy blonde coloured and styled by the amazing Hayley Pullyn @hayleypullyn if you want to see her gorgeous work. Going lighter is a marathon not a sprint, so Hayley and I were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. However, many of you who are blonde may know that it can be a pain to keep your hair from going that funny brassy colour – the kind where you just want to stick your hair up in a messy bun and be done with it!

Thankfully I have found some of the best products for blonde hair that hairdressers are all over right now and I am going to share them with you. If you keep one or all of these in your bathroom it will make maintaining your blonde a hell of a lot easier.

Brazilian Bondbuilder
Now b3 Brazilian Bondbuilder has taken the hairdressing industry by storm causing ripples with its 1 step, no processing time bondbuilder which has allowed colourists to test the boundaries of lightening. Thankfully, they have also released an Aftercare range too. The aftercare range features a Reconstructive Treatment, a Color care shampoo and Color care conditioner. The reconstructive treatment is strong so should only be used once a week to once a fortnight to keep your locks hydrated and soft. The shampoo and conditioner can be used on the regular… my personal fave is the b3 conditioner! When I say that this conditioner makes your hair feel like butter, I am not exaggerating – I don’t think my hair has felt this good in ages.

B3 conditioner $39.95

B3 shampoo $39.95

B3 Reconstructive Treatment $49.95

Pravana is most well known for their range of VIVIDS hair colour, just take a look at their Instagram @pravana you will be scrolling for ages! Pravana has answered the woes of the blonde market with The Perfect Blonde range. The Seal and Protect leave- in works wonders it repairs and nourishes your highlighted hair whilst providing instant moisture to detangle and hydrate your hair. You can spray on dry or wet hair. I spray it in right after my shower to ease the drying process.

Seal & Protect Leave in mist 300ml - $26.82

Pure Blends
Now for the ideal toning shampoo! Your hairdresser may tell you after you drastic blonde transformation that you need to get a purple toning shampoo. This is not just the name of the shampoo but it’s actually purple which I love. The Pure blends violet shampoo is a perfect match for blonde hair ‘Violet base maintains the coolness of white, grey and pale blonde hair, preventing warm tones.’ You should aim to use your purple shampoo maybe twice a week but be aware of over toning as sometimes it can emit a purple tinge throughout the hair. I think I like the Pure Blends so much because they smell like coconut oil – yum!

Violet Shampoo 250ml - $24.50

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