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The Top 5 Newest Insta worthy Brunch Places in Melbourne

Brother’s Keepers Cafe
Wow, wow oh wow was this cafe a wonderful experience! My friend Raquel and I were tremendously surprised by this Brother's Keepers Cafe. It was buzzing as soon as we walked in - not a spare table in sight (except for the one set aside for us). We were immediately greeted by one of the owners of the cafe - he loves what he does and this shone through every aspect of the decor and service.

What will first catch your eye when you walk into this cafe is the space inspired mural that runs along the length of the back of the cafe behind the counter. The owner gave us some recommendations on what to try so we each selected a homemade Chai Latte (it is made with soy milk however you can opt for full cream milk). The chai’s were brought out on their own individual boards with stainless steel teapot and strainer for a DIY style drink. This added an extra special element to the day and the chai’s themselves were just the right amount of sweet and spice (something that Raquel and I always search for when having a chai latte).

Next we move onto the main attraction - the meals. Raquel selected the Green pea fritters with air-dried ricotta, poached eggs and bacon while me and my sweet tooth chose to go with the Ferrero Rocher french toast with french brioche, nutella glaze, strawberry gel, chilli caramel, hazelnut truffle and praline mascarpone. You may wonder how all of this can fit on the one plate. Well Brother’s Keeper managed it with finesse and delicacy. The flavours went together brilliantly each complementing the other and the dish was just the right amount to leave you full but not bloated. The Pea Fritter’s were a large serving, perfect for someone who loves to fill up at brunch and the pea fritters were the standout bringing me back to my childhood days of cooking with my nonna.

The average cost for two people is $50.00. Brother’s Keeper Cafe have plans to expand before summer arrives with an adorable space outside which will be fully covered and double as the perfect bar area for those warm summer nights.

Open Tue-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun 7.30am-3pm.

Black Waffle
Black Waffle did not disappoint, with all the hype around the charcoal ice cream cones and charcoal vanilla ice cream, this specialty waffle place was a must on my list of places to try in Melbourne.

The colour scheme of the place was monochrome with an amazing mural on the back wall which really livened up the room. We were pleased to find an assortment of 5 different waffles each of which can be made vegan. The selection was a no brainer for my sister and I, we chose the Hazelnut Heaven which featured two Belgian Waffles, topped with fresh strawberries, fresh cream, roasted hazelnuts, a side of chocolate gelato generously drizzled with a serving of nutella. If you are an extreme chocolate lover this is the dish for you, chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!

The Belgian waffles were cooked to perfection. Light and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The nutella filled inside was just enough so as not to fall into being overloaded and the strawberries were carefully selected. The point of difference on this dish was probably the hazelnuts adding the perfect crunchy texture.

If I am going to be truthfully honest I would have to say that I don’t think I am ever going to go anywhere else to get my dose of waffles… I mean when a cafe manages to make waffles look this gorgeous why would you bother with anywhere else. Black Waffle are the masters of plating. What makes this place even more appealing is the cost, for what you get these waffles are extremely affordable $15.00 each so the average cost for 2 with coffees would be around $40.00.

So if you are looking to treat yourself one morning to a sweetness overload this is the perfect place. Their full menu can be viewed on Zomato, however if you would like to judge for yourself how gorgeous these waffles are head to their instagram @blackwafflemelbourne.

No35 on Collins
Brunch at No35 was an absolute pleasure. My boyfriend and I stayed the night at the Sofitel and were amazed with the luxury and view of the room. The amazing night in Melbourne city was tied together with a wonderful buffet breakfast to match. Now this is not your average buffet breakfast and if you haven’t been here - don’t waste anymore time it is well worth it for those special occasions.

Not only is the food to die for but you have the opportunity to be seated at the edge of the window 35 floors up looking down on the picturesque view of Melbourne city. This brunch boasts an array of juices, mini smoothies, french pastries, yogurts and cereals all of the finest quality as well as a chef on demand who will create whatever wonderful breakfast foods you crave. The cost of buffet breakfast is included when staying at the Sofitel however, you can attend the buffet breakfast for $45.00 per person.The highlight here was probably my waffle on demand - straight out of the pan still warm with a side of delicious maple syrup. No35 have perfected the perfect waffle recipe, soft and fluffy on the inside and a touch of crunch on the outside. Centrally located on Collins st, the panoramic views should be the first thing to draw you to this brunch spot. For more information about No 35 on Collins and to view their menu visit their website

Citizen Cafe Bar
Citizen Cafe can be found just metres from the Yarra River within the DFO South Wharf complex making it the ideal place to stop by before a day of bargain hunting at the outlets. This little gem isn’t that well known, but those places are always the cutest right? The service was impeccable, from the moment you walk through the door, the ease of ordering to squeezing in that last minute coffee!

One thing that will capture your attention here is the atmosphere - you are able to feel like you are seated outside without actually feeling the sting of the wind in the gorgeous glass enclosed outdoor area.

We chose to try the Big Breakfast and Banana Pancakes with a side of freshly squeezed orange juice of course. The Big Breakfast was filling with perfectly poached eggs on sourdough bread with grilled tomato, mushrooms, pork sausages and a hash brown. Each plated item complemented the other.

The pancakes were subtly sweet interlaced with bananas topped with strawberries and orange. We were so impressed with our breakfast that we ordered some cappuccinos savouring the fluffy froth and coffee blend. The average price for 2 people is around $50-$60 including juices and coffee. For more information about Citizen Cafe Bar and to view their menu visit their website Oh and because we love some good breakky photos check out their instagram @citizencafebar.

Maple Tree Cafe
Nestled away in the Northern suburbs is this little treasure The Maple Tree Cafe. From the outside it looks like a regular cafe but it was the poster on the outside that caught my attention “World’s Most Instagrammable Coffee” it read with an image of a chocolate waffle cone filled to the brim with coffee - if this isn’t love at first sight I don’t know what is.

The atmosphere is friendly and personalised with owner Raj crouching down and chatting with each of the tables and the waitress was attentive and kind.

We ordered coffees to begin with and boy oh boy is their large coffee large - and at such a reasonable price too! Raj makes each coffee himself taking pride in the presentation and silkiness of the froth. We perused the items on the menu with a short but sweet selection. My sister and I were in the mood for a sugar rush so we chose a double dose of the Large Chocolate Chip Pancake topped with walnuts, strawberries drizzled with maple syrup and two heavenly scoops of ice cream! My boyfriend chose Eggs Benedict which he said were just right.

The pancake was divine with the perfect amount of chocolate chips throughout the batter - this was my favourite element of the dish and I can’t remember the last time I had some chocolate chip pancakes.

This one is on the cheaper side with the average cost for two people coming in at $35.00- $40.00. For more information and to view their menu visit

So there you have it, my round up of the Top 5 Newest Insta Worthy Brunch places in Melbourne. I would love to know your favourite brunch places so please comment below.

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