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The Natural Self Tan Aussie Bronze

aussie bronze

There are so many tanning solutions on the market and it can sometimes be daunting to sway from the most popular brands like Bondi Sands and Le Tan.

Aussie Bronze however, is a natural alternative which was developed by an Aussie mum who wanted to provide her daughter with a safer alternative for self tanning. Aussie Bronze is also vegan. I got to try it for myself and am pretty satisfied with the results. It took me a while to get to try it (living in Melbourne and all we don’t get a load of opportunities to expose some skin, besides when we dress up and go out). I interviewed the founder of Aussie Bronze, Sacha to find out a little bit more about the brand and the ingredients used and discovered some top tips for applying Aussie Bronze.

How did you come up with the name 'Aussie Bronze'?
My previous business name was bronzeBitch...which proved to be a little 'edgy' and not mainstream enough, while lots loved the name - we were never going to gain media attention or large accounts with bronzeBitch. So after a meeting with my business mentor, I was brainstorming with a friend on the way home from Sydney in the car. I knew I wanted to attract an international market and said we are known as bronzed Aussies, then came the name Aussie Bronze which to my surprise was available!
aussie bronze

What is DHA?
Dihydroxyacetone is made from sugar beets or synthetically and what it does is causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the surface of your skin, causing it to go brown.
What inspired you to come up with the formula?
My teenage daughter, Peri wanted to wear fake tan on her legs and I didn't like the ingredients that were in the products that you could buy. I told her that I would make her some, to which she gave me a fabulous rolling of eyes! I googled a recipe and just kept iterating the formula until I perfected it .

Do you plan on expanding the Aussie Bronze range, if so what other products would you add?
We've come up with a gorgeous exfoliating body wash that's almost ready to launch. We're also working on a face bronzer and have lots of ideas in the pipeline, all natural and toxin free of course!

aussie bronze

What is the key to a streak free tan? What is the best way to apply it?
Our Aussie Bronze formula it is moisturiser based, so we suggest you use it like you would a moisturiser. Making sure you apply enough product for that area. Apply in sections makes it easier to apply eg: ankle to knee,  a strip up your arm then just blend it in.
Will the tanning solution rub off on your sheets?
Once the body bronzer is dry to touch (about a minute) it shouldn't rub off on anything.  You need to use body wash in the shower to remove it properly. If it does wear off on your light clothing or towels it will just wash out.
How did you achieve the non orangey glow? Was this a mix of certain ingredients or an avoidance of some?
Most of us hate the 'Fake Tan' smell and the orange, this is why we left out the DHA. The active ingredients that give you that Aussie Bronze Tan are Food Grade Oxide and Mica.
I know that you are all about a healthy tan and avoiding putting toxins into your body, so what other things do you swear by in your lifestyle to keep you healthy?
Haha my kids always complain that we only have ingredients in our pantry - nothing to grab! I am passionate about eating whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible.  I'm always cooking and my best ever purchase was my's so old now my buttons are gone!
I make my own body wash, face oil and cleanser for the family and buy only products that contain 'no nasties' Parabens, sulfates, PEGs. We are a pretty active family (kids and husband are keen kite surfers)  and me keeping fit by sweating it out at the gym and yoga most days helps me stay on track. Healthy body, healthy mind, toxin free living!

aussie bronze

What did I think?
Prior to applying the tan I shaved and exfoliated with a coffee scrub to ensure my skin was a smooth base for the tan.  I then used a tanning glove to apply and switched between the mitt and my hands to blend the tan in. The solution has the texture of a foundation and I must admit, when I first applied it I may have applied too much so just a tip - apply sparingly. I found that because I am very fair skinned the colour was quite dark on me so I used some water to lighten it. The final result has a lovely glittery shimmer which I love and it did not look orange at all.

Final thoughts... I always love a good exfoliator so I can’t wait to try the exfoliating body wash!! For more information about Aussie Bronze visit their website and follow their Instagram @aussiebronze.

If you have any handy hints and tips about getting the perfect tan I would know so please comment below xx

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