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All About the Base - Upcycled Cutting Boards

All About the Base

I am always on the hunt for amazing new products so when I came across this small business I knew that their work needed to be shared. All About the Base is a small Melbourne based business that specialise in reclaimed wood creations. All About the Base have discovered their niche designing wooden cutting boards and wedding cake bases. Hedeel is the brains behind the operation while her partner Darren is responsible for creating the breathtaking pieces. I was lucky enough to interview owner of the business Hedeel

When did you start your business and why?
We started in early 2017.  It evolved from our business the year before, Wedding Cake Bases.  We came across a recycled piece of timber that caught our eye and we crafted our first piece.  It had history, it had a depth to its personality that is lacking in any other cutting board we had seen.  It brought a depth to our kitchen. We loved the fact that it reflected our values in reducing waste, recycling, upcycling and reducing landfill. Darren is skilled in woodworking and so it was a serendipitous circumstance.

All About the Base

What sets you apart from other chopping board companies?
What makes us different? We use timbers that are decades if not centuries old.  The natural edged range come from ethically harvested trees. They have a history.  They are not bleached imports that are mass produced. Our timbers are ones that have seen the sunrise & sunset for decades.  They have stories to tell. Their touch; their warmth; their texture. You can FEEL the essence of this timber, get a glimpse of the BREATH & LIFE that it lived. A church pew. A pylon from Port Phillip Bay. A roof support that homed a family. The entrance doorway to an abandoned hotel.  A stairway tread from Princess Pier. Floor joists from a home where children ran and laughed and grew – where it was later ravaged by bush fires.

All About the Base

What ranges do you stock?
Cutting Boards that are both reshaped reclaimed timbers as well as natural edged. We also create serving platters, cheese boards and very custom designed pieces that fit perfectly into their new home.  We also make rolling pins & candle holders. In the future, we would like to expand our range to include bath caddies, wall mounted bottle openers, feature tables and coffee tables/dining tables.

What type of wood do you use? Where does it come from?
We use a variety of hardwoods. Our pieces end up showing markings of the holes where the nails had been removed, or even the polished nail that is still embedded into the timber. Reclaimed timbers that we source from demolition sites, old Fences, deceased estates, clearance auctions and any other recycled & salvaged timbers we can save from landfill.  Each piece is as unique & individual as our clients.  Each piece has a STORY and comes from timbers that we like to say are ‘Older than your Nana!’

All About the Base

How long does it take to create one of your amazing reclaimed timber pieces?
The items we have in our online shop are ready to be couriered the next day.  Our custom design requests take 7-10 days after the client is happy with the design and timber selection. We feel the excitement our clients have about these pieces so we try to create and have them sitting in their home as soon as we can.

What is your favourite one off piece you ever made and why?
One of the most substantial pieces is also a favourite.  The RedGum Chopping Block was made from old fence posts from a fence that had blown over in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne. This board was embellished with two forged metal bands – rustic, edgy and in a class of its own.  It combined our love of timber and flirted with metal work.

Describe the process of creating one of your intricate timber creations.
We source the timber and the rest is a natural evolution.  At times we have a piece of timber that doesn’t feel right to include it in any creation.  Weeks later it’s a perfect fit for another piece. Seriously.   We noticed during our work that the timbers would lend themselves to becoming a certain piece.  What was intended for butcher’s block morphed quite naturally into an elegant rolling pin.  We listen.  We wait.  And THEN we create.  We do as the timber wants. Each piece is unique. The histories are unique. We sometimes ask, “What do you want to be now?”

Tell us a bit more about your wedding bases?
There is a theme in life when it comes to weddings and childbirth. The lead up is so exciting then after the event you are left asking … NOW what? So the idea behind Wedding Cake Bases is that you have a tangible piece of your wedding day that you keep – a memento of your day – a reminder of the best day of your life and a keepsake that your children can keep. This is because you can convert it into several pieces such as a: Feature piece, wall plaque, serving platter, coffee table, bedside table, wall clock and so on. It also comes with custom-made legs and fittings needed to transform it to the keepsake of your choice. You may even choose to use it as a cake base for all of your loved one's birthdays and family celebrations. Your magical celebration doesn't have to end when your last guest leaves. The joy of your union will be captured into a timeless keepsake that will always, and forever, have significance to you and your loved ones.

All About the Base

All About the Base are a small family owned business and while they are currently a small unique business, they dream to one day be able to support themselves and maintain their local sources. All About the Base keep sustainability and the environment close to their heart and hope to make the most of the resources that the Australian land offers. I am absolutely in love with their wedding cake bases!

For more information about All About the Base visit their website

Also, don't forget to check out their social channels for an endless feed of inspiration! Instagram @allaboutthebase_au and Facebook @allaboutthebase.

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