Monday, 3 July 2017

Beauty Travel Essentials

I recently returned from a trip to the lovely Gold Coast. It was for my cousin’s wedding. I thought it would be useful to provide my readers with some tips on what you MUST pack when you you are travelling in true minimalist style.

Pun intended on the ‘bare’ aspect here.  I cannot travel anywhere without my Razor. Even though it’s winter in Melbourne and shaving may not be high on our list of beauty priorities, when you travel to the Coast and are experiencing perfect temperatures of 22 degrees daily- you need to be prepared. I personally love the Schick women’s range.

Schick are well known for having perfect disposable razors which is something that all girls need, but they have now introduced a 2 in 1 razor. I think this is the hero of all razors because it allows you to to achieve a close shave on your legs and body, with the added benefit of a waterproof bikini trimmer on the other side. The water activated moisturiser is the best part and you are left with silky smooth legs. The Schick Trimstyle 2 in 1 is $21.99 and the Disposable Razors are $9.99 for a two pack.

When braving the Australian weather you can’t forget to bring along a tube of paw paw to avoid that chapped feeling.

Then come the things that you give your skin that added bit of moisture. A good travel size moisturiser is ideal and if you can get one that has that added SPF 30+ you know you have found a winner! When you are travelling and on the go you don’t always have time to think of protecting your face but an all in one moisturiser does the trick with one swipe.
A hydrating face mist is also a good idea, you can take it around in your handbag and use it daily when your skin feels a little dry. Not to mention it will leave your skin smelling amazing.

As well as bringing a trusty comb and hair ties, a great essential to add to your beauty bag would be a protective spray. Protective shine sprays can help protect the hair from UV rays and colour fade while conditioning your strands. On holidays your hair can often become damaged from exposure to the elements so this stuff is a good idea.

Day to day I don’t usually like to wear a lot of makeup but that's not to say that I would go completely makeup free. A good easy- to- apply foundation is a must, you can pair this with a full coverage concealer for those dark circles, your favourite mascara, some travel size brushes and trusty lippy/ lip gloss for your everyday needs.

Oh and don’t forget to bring a mini perfume! With the restricted weight guidelines of airlines you may think that bringing a perfume is out of the question but the mini Marc Jacobs perfumes are ideal for travel.

So that’s a roundup of what I like to keep in my beauty bag when I travel. Let me know what you keep in yours in the comments below.

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