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Musq Cosmetics - Winter Beauty Routine

Moving into these cold winter months it's extremely important to keep your skin looking hydrated, radiant and healthy. Two years ago I came across the amazing brand MUSQ and seriously I can not fault their range. Based in South Australia and made in Australia this iconic black and white brand pride themselves on creating products that are accredited by PETA making them cruelty free as well as vegan and gluten free.

There are also no nasties in their ranges with all products being free from chemicals, silicones, parabens, talc and artificial colours. I was lucky enough to speak to the lovely co founder of MUSQ, Emma Reid and learnt some handy tips about their winter beauty routine.

Gel Handwash $19.95

What sets you apart from other skincare and beauty brands?

At MUSQ we provide a small range that is not complicated and provides our customer with the quintessential skincare products. It’s all about going back to basics and nature and providing simple makeup and skin care that fits our hectic lifestyles. We also like to keep out hidden synthetics and irritants cloaked in ambiguous descriptions to increase profits.

What is your everyday go to product?
Personally my go to product morning and night is our Gel Cleanser. In the morning the fresh scent of Chamomile, Cucumber and Eucalyptus wake me up feeling invigorated whilst at night its removes all my makeup and daily grime build up!

Why should you use a face mist and how often?
A facial mist its great to spritz on your face throughout the day to sooth and calm your skin and leave it feeling revitalised.

It will also prep your skin to ensure your moisturiser absorbs more effectively.

A facial mist is also a great product to give your make up a “pick me up”. Spritz over your foundation to create a fresh, dewy finish.

What is your beauty advice for the winter season?
Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water and moisturise!! Our skin drys out it winter due to external elements such as heating hence why it is important to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. I recommend a drop of oil/serum to your moisturiser for extra hydration.

Do you have any tips for contouring with the Musq bronzer, how can you ensure that you don't get streaky lines?
Our MUSQ Bronzer is perfect to avoid “streaky” lines thanks to its light reflecting mineral formula. Using an angled brush, dab into the loose powder, suck in those cheeks and apply to the centre of your cheekbones. Move the brush lightly in a circular motion, focusing on the apple of the cheek. Gradually draw upwards towards the hairline, keeping most of the product on the highest part of the cheekbone.

My Verdict

Rosewater Facial Mist $35.00
This facial mist smells amazing. It is the perfect spritz for the morning, night and those in between times during the hustle and bustle of a busy day. The rosewater mist has moisturising properties so you can keep your skin looking soft and supple with one spritz.

The Gel Handwash is a winner with a heavenly lemon myrtle scent. Why have the run of the mill supermarket brand handwash when you can have this beautifully bottled luxury! It's such a great gift or gift add on for any occasion and you can rest assured that the receiver of the gift will be more than happy.

Loose Mineral Bronzer $49.00
As Emma said, the mineral bronzer is the perfect powder formula to ensure that you don’t get streaky lines in your application. The colour of the bronzer is sort a one size fits all approach with it being light enough for pale skintones yet buildable for darker skin tones. The bronzer has a slight shimmer which looks amazing and you can take your look from day to night by varying the application of the bronzer. My favourite element of this particular bronzer is the dispenser, because it is a loose powder so you can avoid getting too much product on the brush.

To find out more about Musq or to purchase any of their products visit

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