Monday, 22 May 2017

Which makeup counter does it best?

I have 5 weddings on my calendar this year —yes that's not a typo, FIVE. I have already attended three and I thought this would be a good opportunity to trial makeup counters.

My usual go to for makeup is Napoleon but to my dismay, they were booked out! I ventured over to Estee Lauder and booked an appointment. I was apprehensive at first as I found it hard to find information about the type of makeovers they do at the Estee Lauder counter and so this got me thinking why not do a comparison of makeup counters-- photos and all. Now my aim here is not to point out the bad but to highlight the best of each place and give you something to go by before getting your makeup done based on price, type of makeover and downfalls.
Estee Lauder
I was actually really happy with this look. It had an old Hollywood glow about it with dramatic eyes, a bold red lip and blush. The lady who did my makeup was not a makeup artist but she had been working at Estee Lauder for over 20 years so she had learnt her skills on the job.
To get your special Occasion Makeup done at Estee Lauder Myer the cost is $50 for a 45-minute consultation. This cost is also redeemable on products, so well worth it. My beauty advisor was so kind and actually spent over an hour on me but it really depends on who you get on the day. My beauty advisor also gave me a free sample of my choice – The Double Wear Foundation in a tub that will last up to 10 applications.
Age recommendation: I would recommend this counter to be perfect for those aged 35+.
Pro: They are really good at matching your skin tone, providing you with a flawless finish for your foundation.
Con: They don’t do fake eyelashes, don’t do winged eyeliner and don’t fill in eyebrows.
For the next wedding, I ventured over to the Lancome counter as Napoleon were also booked out on this day.
To get your makeup done at Lancome the cost is only $45 and is redeemable on products. I loved this makeup look. My makeup artist was young and really listened to what I wanted. The foundation gave me great coverage that lasted the whole day. I was so impressed with the eyeshadow as my makeup artist really took the time to choose colours and blend. They don’t do lashes here either but my artist was super nice and offered to apply my non-Lancome branded lashes for me-- I opted for a winged liner which I was very happy with and I overlooked the lashes altogether because I loved the natural look. The lipstick in the image is MAC Velvet Teddy which I applied later because I found that the lip colour applied didn’t suit me and was a bit transparent.
Age recommendation: 25+
Pro: There is a huge attention to detail and care in application. Staff are well trained.
Con: Their lipsticks are not my fave.
Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon has been my counter of choice since 2012 when I really became interested in getting makeup done (debutantes, formals, weddings etc). So for the following years, I have booked in to get my makeup done here. There’s just something about their products and my skin. The sheer genius foundation in Look 2 is one of my favourites, it's not too dark and not too light.
With every makeup counter, it is immensely up to the makeup artist you get on the day.  Like for example, I had a wedding 2 years ago and I walked out in admiration of how well the lady had done my makeup. Silly me didn’t think to remember her name for next time! However, I got my makeup done for my birthday last year and as I was talking to my makeup artist I found out that she had only been working there for a month—it showed when she mismatched my foundation with Look 1 and had to have the manager take over because she had absolutely no idea what she was doing.
If you are looking to save money Napoleon is not the place to go. The cost is $95, redeemable on products of course but you always end up spending $110 because they never add up evenly. All I can say is it is well worth the cost if you get an experienced makeup artist. For my third wedding of the year, I booked my makeup at Napoleon $60 for (All About the Eyes service). I tried something different (I was wearing a pink dress) my makeup artist created a blended pink eye and ended up doing the rest of my face because she had extra time.
Age recommendation: I would recommend Napoleon for 16-45 year olds
Pro: They apply fake eyelashes and the foundation is amazing. You can opt for their lesser service at $60 and still manage to get your whole face done.
Con: There are a lot of young inexperienced girls who get put on weekends and might night be confident with certain aspects of the look you want.


So there you have it. But ultimately I will let you be the judge of which one turned out best! Feel free to comment below xx

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