Friday, 24 February 2017

How to make the most of a warehouse sale

Many girls are hesitant to attend warehouse sales. I mean when you think about it they are a little scary but if you go there with the right mindset it can be truly worth it and your wallet will be loving it. I have been to some of the biggest warehouse sales in Melbourne and I will admit that some of them were daunting. I have been to Kookai, Zachary, Misha and White Suede which are some of the most popular brands and with the right eye I have found some hidden treasures.

Photo Credit: Kookai Australia

Here are some tips that my sister and I swear by when attending a warehouse sale allowing you to maximise your time and have a carefree experience.

Tip #1
Do not bring a bag. This will just weigh you down and become terribly annoying as you try to waddle around with a stack of clothes bursting out of your arms. Instead, opt for a small pouch that has a wristband which you can slip over your arm. When attending the recent Kookai warehouse sale my sister and I simultaneously and strategically packed our matching pouches- great minds think alike!

Tip #2
Don’t bring a jacket. These things can get crowded and the worst thing is to feel so hot that you don’t even want to look at anything. Ditch this in your car and be done with it.

Tip #3
Go with someone you are close to. Someone who thinks like you and someone who won’t complain. Hint hint: do not under any circumstances bring your boyfriend along. Sister or bestie is the way to go- as you fight over sizes with strangers your bestie has your back and will probably find something even better in your size. She is your guide and your saviour through the chaos. She will also veer you off some bad purchase decisions that you get caught up in because of the price.

Tip #4
Bring cash. I think this goes without saying but some places may not take card and you don’t want to go all that way only to have to leave to get cash out and re-enter the extreme line for another hour to make your purchase.

Tip #5
Be prepared to walk! Parking spots around warehouse sales usually fill up pretty quickly so it will be a fight for parking.

Tip #6
Best time to go? First day- yes there will be the most sizes and styles on this day. But if you do go on another day, go in the morning because this is when they restock the styles and sizes and you can definitely get a steal.

Tip #7
Grab everything! By everything I mean everything that you can see yourself wearing. Then when you feel like you can’t look anymore you start to cull to your few gold pieces.

Photo Credit: Kookai Australia

Results: So I attended the Melbourne Kookai warehouse last week on Chapel Street and put all of the above steps into action. I was thrilled to come out of the sale with one full bag and a happy credit card. I bought 3 Kookai dresses in neutral colours $25 each and one long sleeve top for $10. That’s a total of $85 and a total savings of probably quadruple that.

To keep up with Melbourne warehouses sales this is a good resource Melbournewarehousesales. In the meantime, keep an eye on your favourite brand's social channels and Instagram stories!

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