Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Towers Hotel Sorrento: The hidden gem of Naples

If you are heading to Italy next summer then the planning may already be underway… I mean it’s only another 6 months away-- the best time to plan! I have so many wonderful stories to share about each of the spectacular places I visited in my time abroad and looking back on them they almost seem like a dream.

Maybe you want to add Naples onto your itinerary and want to stay in the heart of Sorrento among the hustle and bustle of the area.

Well this year I spent some of my summer in the region of Naples
-- but not where you would expect. My boyfriend and I happened to choose someone a little different. Somewhere that had breathtaking views of Mount Vesuvius. Somewhere that was a little more ‘resorty’ than most places and sat right at the shore of the Mediterranean waters.

Castellamare di Stabia was one of my many favourites.

We hopped off a flight from Paris and were driven in a private car along the picturesque coastline of Naples. When we arrived we were greeted with most wonderful perfect views-- the ones that instantly make you feel happy and of course like you are in paradise.

Now this hotel isn’t the most social of places as it is a little more isolated but it is definitely ideal for couples who want to have some time away and is particularly a popular holiday destination for the Italians especially from Southern Italy. We stayed at the Tower Hotel Sorrento.

The room that we stayed in was just as luxurious as it looked on their website. We woke up to a view of the perfect sparkling waters every morning and watched the sun go down every night. For everything that was included, we paid a lot less than expected.

To top things off, we didn’t even have to move out of the comfort of the resort with the lovely reasonably priced restaurant within the resort. We went there for both breakfast and dinner with a different array of homemade pastas and sparkling prosecco for every night.

The staff were very friendly and as if this wasn’t appealing enough we were situated with a view like this, in my opinion this was the best part of the stay. Of course, if you are heading to any part of Southern Italy, be prepared to consume a lot of great food.

The property has a pool that overlooks the ocean and is hidden amongst cliffs. Spa and gym facilities are also available if you want that extra element of relaxation. The Tower Hotel also has it's own private beach which is especially good for younger kids or if you get sick of the pool.

The hotel offers an affordable transfer service to take you to the nearest station. During one of our day trips to Sorrento we wanted to return earlier but had just missed the bus service so decided to continue on to the next station which was seemingly near the property being the adventure goers we are. We now understand why they take you to a different station as the next one is a little creepy and abandoned. However, this little detour made for a wonderful photo op.

Well there you have it. If you are travelling to Sorrento in the coming months Castellamare di Stabia is a must see and the Towers Hotel Sorrento is the perfect place to stay. For more information head to their website.

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