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Guest Post- The Golden Rules of Office Style

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Between all the multitasking that befalls every working gal, one of the key aspects of her feeling powerful is looking good; the way she carries herself and the overall energy of her outfit speaks volumes of her influence at the office and emphasizes a particular prestige that comes with it.

What’s popular?

A minimalist approach is one of the most prevalent trends of the upcoming year, upgraded with bold, big and eclectic embellishments. Everything from colourful buttons and stunning palettes to oversized sequins and bold accessories has found its way into the corporate style of a modern, fashionable entrepreneur.

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These anything-but-ordinary treatments will overflow the office style and they’ll stand out with their unusualness. Pieces and embellishments that have so far been worn at night are now finding their spot on a smart suit during business hours; the whole idea of pairing up the night and day may be a little risky – but who doesn’t want a little bedazzle in their lives!

Are things going over the top?

Absolutely not. If anything, the purpose of extravagant embellishments is to upgrade the ordinary, the already seen and turn it into a showpiece rather than a dull office outfit. This eclectic trend at the office illustrates your power and edge, your bravery to make a statement with your clothes without being too over-the-top.

We’re breaking down a few golden rules of office style for you to exercise and enjoy, and look spectacular doing it.

Be the boss, in a dress

Nothing speaks femininity like a fitted dress does; women in charge often wear suits thinking they’ll add power when it’s quite the opposite – by accepting your femininity and showcasing it through the pieces you wear, your power at the office is even grander.

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Wear tailored, knee-length or mid-calf dresses at the office for an added statement. You can experiment with bright colours and patterns; just don’t go over the top. We’d suggest opting for single-coloured options or colour-blocking rather than too loud graphics and prints. You want to look cheerful but not childish. Add drama with embellishments and accessories.

When in doubt, start with a dark base

A dark base will always make you look (too) serious but if paired with interesting details – the seriousness may be taken down a notch. If you’ve got edge, combine a sharp blazer with a sheer embellished skirt and modest pumps, and turn it office-friendly.

You can also add a skirt slip underneath and a neutral camisole to continue the work vibe.

Make a case for casual Friday with ornate denim

We aren’t accustomed to seeing a lot of denim at the office, but maybe it’s time we changed that. Creative office environments tend to treat denim as the norm, so why not adopt this style?

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Use playful pins to up the ante on a jean jacket or use statement jewelry for effect. Just don’t wear both – you don’t want to be attracting too much attention.

Ground Embellishment with casual pairings 

Neutralize a too-fancy top with black trousers and smart shoes. Throw on a blazer during office meetings but slip it off when you enter the bar after work.

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Wear Sunglasses to add drama

The right pair of sunglasses will turn a dull outfit into a fabulous one in a second. When you pick the pair that matches your face shape and the occasion, you’re set. Good thing is, with plenty of amazing options online, every busy businesswoman can do her browsing during her lunch break and find the right pair of sunglasses online with minimal effort. Look for unusual, big sunnies that are more a statement piece rather than just a shield from the sun.

Let your accessories do the talking

When you are feeling in statement accessories mood, make sure the rest of your outfit doesn’t draw the attention away. Keep the rest of your ensemble in a neutral colour palette and let the accessories steal the show.

We believe all of you successful women will look stunning channeling the above trends and absolutely enjoy the process! Won’t you?

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