Friday, 30 December 2016

No Logo Eyewear - Sunnies for every season

So I made my sad way home from my Europe trip. The month in Florence really made me feel as if I had a home away from home. The cobblestone streets, the two p's for every meal of the day (pasta and pizza) and the mediterranean sun all fade into distant memories but of course I still have mementos of my time away including these gorgeous No Logo Eyewear—yes 'no logo' is the brand name and they are amazing.

no logo eyewear

I passed this pair of sunnies everyday on my way to uni in Florence and on the last I decided that my bank account could handle the impulse purchase.

no logo eyewear

They look exactly like the Prada PR09QS in the brown shade and there is no lack in quality. The frames are thick and heavy which is something you want in sunnies. They also have a slight cat eye look, my favourite, which is primarily suit the heart shaped face but are also flattering on an oval shaped face (like mine). I always opt for the upswept cat eye look for sunglasses and glasses because I have a smaller face.

no logo eyewear

No Logo sunglasses provide UV protection, impact resistance and are made according to European regulations.

To top it all off they are Made in Italy—so they come with all the guarantees that are associated with that tag including quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Overall these glasses are a well-priced purchase that emulate the quality of high end designers so if you can’t afford the $400 pair of Dior or Prada's newest shades then No Logo are your best bet.

no logo eyewear

They are a bit difficult to find online but if you are making a trip to Europe you should be able to find some. Keep in mind there are limited styles in each boutique/optometrist. 

For more information check out their website.

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