Thursday, 4 February 2016

Scentcillo- Styling your home

There is nothing more settling than walking into your own home and instantly feeling 'at home' because of that familiar smell. Online boutique owner Denise, has recognised the importance and advantages of scent, especially in the home. 

“Scent [is] a styling and designing tool, part of the experiential design of a home and its anchoring effects on the ambience of a space.” 

Denise provides expert insight into the pairing of smell and scene, and suggests that choosing the wrong scent for you home can throw the whole theme off balance—often coming off as overbearing.

“Often a scent that conflicts with a particular area or room is perceived as too strong or overpowering when in reality it is at odds with the styling or design.” 

Scentcillo encompasses an array of different essential oils products including Shaman, Oracle, Tango, Greek Island and Starlet. 

“Our range of essential oil vaporiser blends draws its inspiration from our world's culture, the various aromas evoking a mood, memory or the spirit associated with it - in essence an olfactory journey transporting you to a particular time or place.”

The wrong choice of scent, for example a very sweet fragrance with a sleek and sophisticated design or a heavy pine scented fragrance in a beach side setting, means there is a mismatch between what your seeing and smelling." 

My favourite of all five would have to be Shaman with it's blend of the essential oils of cypress, cedarwood atlas, lime, pink grapefruit, lemon and sweet orange. I am a sucker for sweet things-- but this wasn’t the reason that that I liked this one.

I also tried to incorporate Denise's styling tips; 
  • it matches well with bright yellow paint 
  • citrus is best to overcome the smell of cooking and pets 
  • modern inspired room 
  • creation of space 
  • makes the place brighter, energetic and welcoming 
Scentcillo are all about doing their bit for the environment supporting the company Greenfleet, an environmental charity that naturalises greenhouse emissions by planting trees that absorb carbon dioxide in the air. 

I would recommend this scent for the workplace or even your study space. It's a great scent to keep you energised and alert throughout the exam period. It's also a great cure for a blocked nose in the colder months!

For me, I'm not a big consumer of essential oils so if it is your first time using the product try to ease into the amount of oil used. The bottle suggests 6-8 drops but I found that 3 drops diluted with water was perfect for a slight scent, especially in a smaller room.

If you would like to try all five scents they come in a box set for $105. To find out more information about Scentcillo, make a purchase or find out more about the right style for your home head to their website

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