Monday, 18 January 2016

Like a trip to the spa

What a nice little surprise these scrubs were!

Right now I am in a daze and still feel like I have just reached the end of a perfect treatment at a luxurious day spa. Except in this scenario I don’t need to move out of the comfort of my own home.


Natural, handmade and luxurious are three guiding principles for Ajana.

“Natural- no preservatives/no chemicals. Handmade using the finest ingredients and essential oils. Luxury- live now. Spoil yourself a little bit every day!”

Business owner Jana prides herself on keeping things natural.

“My business, Ajana specialises in hand crafted natural beauty & homewares… everything from candles and room diffusers through to chemical free body products.”

Her product range includes soy wax melts, reed diffusers, soy wax candles, face and foot mists, relaxing bath soaks, hydrating treatments, limited edition candles and most importantly the exfoliating body scrubs all of which are available on Jana’s etsy store.


Handmade Peppermint & Sage Foot Scrub $14.50
Our feet should always be given that extra bit of loving. The foot scrub is a great place to commence the pampering. The scrub contains salt, olive, almond, apricot and essential oils giving it the ultimate scent of relaxation. The scrub left my feet feeling soft and supple, a great pick for the under $15 mark.


Handmade Lemongrass & Ginger Sugar Body Scrub $14.50
The Body scrub on the other hand has a sugar base which is similarly combined with olive, almond, apricot and essential oils. The body scrub is ideal for use before shaving removing a layer of dead skin and providing a clean base to get a smoother shave. The end result left my legs looking visibly smoother and hydrated.


Ajana also have some wonderful value for money gift packs ranging from $26-$125 each encompassing an array of the Ajana product range.

For more information about Ajana you can visit her website or head straight to her store.


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