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Product Review- Miessence Range

Australian Organic Awareness month has passed, but that doesn’t mean that your skin should be forgotten!! I am so excited to share with you the world's first certified organic skincare and cosmetic range.

“Once consumers realise that health and beauty are inextricably linked, they will have to seriously question those unpronounceable ingredients in their 'beauty' products. We, as consumers, are incredibly powerful. Most of the time we just don’t realise it!” says founder of the Miessence brand, Narelle Chenery.

The Miessence product range encompasses haircare, body/oral care, cosmetics, superfood and much more!

Miessence range

As any innovative new business would, Miessence faced a lot of criticism on their quest to create products which would use solely certified organic ingredients and no preservatives  in their extensive range of products. But the Narelle remained determined to disprove this.

The results of their persistence is amazing and definitely worth having a try. I was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with Miessence Independent Representative Mary Astuto who gave me some great tips about implementing natural techniques and products into your beauty routine as well as explaining the benefits of using certified organic beauty products and the Miessence range.

“I have been a Miessence Independent Representative since 2011 and passionate about organic products and living a healthy, happy and organic life.  I decided to become an Independent Representative for Miessence and run my own organic home based business” says Mary.

Miessence range

Mary’s journey to be a part of the Miessence brand is inspiring and eye opening just like it was for Narelle.

“I began to piece together a picture on what everyday skincare, bodycare & healthcare products claiming to be “natural” or “organic” is doing to our health." Says Mary. "With many harmful toxins and chemical accumulating in our bodies I realised the need to show that labels can be misleading and what we are actually putting on our bodies travels through our bloodstream.”

Mary warned that these toxic chemicals could be present in some of my much loved makeup remover wipes & moisturisers.This was an absolute shock to me because these are the stuff I put on my face every day and night.

Top Tips:
  • Instead of using generic makeup remover wipes you should opt for natural coconut oil such as the Marco Coconut oil which can be purchased for less than $10 and in the long run becomes a cheaper alternative.
  • If you can’t give up your Mac lippy’s just yet, then the best place to start is with everyday products and substitute them with completely organic alternatives. Your skin will love you for it!
Here are some of the products are tried:

Miessence Mint Toothpaste
I tried the mint toothpaste which has a combination of bicarb soda, cinnamon leaf oil and clove bud essential oil. It gave me a little bit of a shock at first but once I continued using it , it was great. The texture is a little bit more rough than your usual toothpaste and it has a salty/ mint taste.

Miessence Darling Salt Glow - Exfoliator
This one was my favourite! It’s super luxurious and comes straight from the Murray-Darling basin. I only used a small amount and added a touch of water to make a paste and exfoliated as you do. My skin felt great afterwards. It’s good for when you have had too much sun or in the cold winter months when your skin needs extra attention.

Porcelain Translucent Foundation (very fair skin)  
This foundation offers light coverage paired with a translucent powder and a bit of concealer it's perfect for the everyday and gives you a natural makeup look. The consistency was smooth and not very thick so it allows your skin to breathe

Balancing Moisturiser
The moisturiser is light weight and refreshing. It contains a combination of rosehip, jojoba, calendula, chamomile, olive leaf, marshmallow and lavender and smells great!

Balancing Cleanser
I have normal/ sensitive skin and this cleanser was great. A perfect combination with the moistrisuer and didn't leave my skin stinging.

Nourishing Hand Cream/ Body Cream
Both of these products smell lovely and left my skin feeling soft and supple. They also absorb straight away so if you want to use them before bedtime you don’t have to wait around for your skin to dry. They aren’t oily like some other creams.

I found it really easy to navigate the Miessence website and there is extensive information on each product and it’s ingredients! Everything is transparent which gives you a piece of mind that these products really are good enough to eat unlike many other cosmetic/ skincare brands.

Narelle and Mary
Left: Mary, Right: Narelle

Miessence are always looking for new distributors across Australia. If you've ever considered running your own business and have a passion for sustainable, certified organic products, then they invite you to join them. To find out more, or become a part of the team visit their Miessence Community page.

If you would like to purchase any of the Miessence products I tried or would like to checkout the entire range visit their website.

Also don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Products Featured:
  • Miessence Mint Toothpaste $10.55
  • Miessence Darling Salt Glow- Exfoliator $39.95
  • Porcelain Translucent Foundation (very fair skin) $68.90
  • Balancing Moisturiser $68.95
  • Balancing Cleanser $56.95
  • Nourishing Hand Cream $22.95
  • Body Cream $42.95
Photo Credit: Miessence

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