Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tesoro Jewellery- Rose Gold Earrings

Anyone who has been around me in the past few weeks has heard about these newly released Tesoro earrings. I actually can’t stop gushing about them. I love anything rose gold and these stunning earrings have made my month!

These rose gold earrings give any woman a feeling of elegance and sophistication. They are perfect for any formal function as well as a dressy day in the office. Hmm... did I mention how they physically feel? The earrings are lightweight and smooth to the touch. The two separate parts of the earrings offer a point of difference in the market with a contrast between silver and rose gold.

Tesoro Rose gold earrings

Established in 1973, this 3 generation family business strives to bring a part of Italy to Australia, which is reflected in all of their pieces.

“Tesoro aims to stretch the boundaries of traditional jewellery design, creating collections that are wearable, versatile and feminine.”

The earrings are round and feature an artisan designed satin finished back. They are made out of 925 Tesoro certified silver, which is then rose coated. The handcrafted items combine tradition and modernity with the utmost attention to detail ensuring that you will be stopped by strangers! They are made in Italy and are handcrafted in final stages to attain the mirror finish.

Only 30 pairs have been allocated to Australia in 2015, so if you like these earrings you better get in quick! This is great because it guarantees that very few other people in Australia will be wearing the same earrings as you!
“Unusual and intriguing, this collection draws its inspiration from vintage ideals, revisited with an innovative interpretation”
If you love these earrings just as much as I do, you should see the rest of the Tesoro 925 Silver Collection! Like these earrings, the collection has a modern contemporary central focus. Each piece is designed by Italian artisan jewellers and features elaborate detail which make their collections iconic.
"Designed by Italian artisan jewellers, each piece in the Tesoro 925 Silver collection is a statement that is beautifully embellished with unique and intricate detail."
Tesoro Rose gold earrings

I have a wedding coming up in a couple of months and thought these earrings would be perfect for the day. I haven’t yet chosen a dress to wear but who says you have to have everything sorted straight away! You can most definitely choose the accessories first! I would pair these earrings with some metallic rose gold shoes and a simple pouch with a touch of rose gold.

Tesoro Rose gold earrings
Shoes:Windsor Smith Gille in Rose Gold | Pouch: Mim Pouch Black Rose Gold

The earrings along with the entire collection can be purchased for from any of their stockists around Australia and can be purchased on their website. Stockist details can also be found online. If this collection doesn't impress you their Mio Primo Tesoro and Tesoro Firenze Collection are bound to do the trick!  

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  1. Gorgeous Rose gold earrings. I love the pair of earrings.

  2. Glad to hear you love them as much as I do Nandita!

  3. Well I love the way that jeweler shows their unique craftsmanship and artistry with such a nice finishing. Even I have a name bracelet in my wardrobe

    jewelry manufacturers

    1. Hey Sara, they definitely have a unique style and the quality and feel of them are great!