Thursday, 13 August 2015

Spundies- Changing the world of Undies one pair at a time

I have found the new #1 item that every woman must have in their handbags.

Having ‘Spundies’, aka a spare pair ‘a undies in my bag last week at the gym would have been priceless.

The same can be said for that teenager who suddenly had her first period at school and the businesswoman on a delayed flight changeover.

And, of course, the situation that first sparked the idea for Spundies, “We were on a girl’s night out,” said product creator and founder, Bianca Pillon, “and my girlfriend was faced with an exciting proposition for an unexpected sleepover.”
“I also had another friend who was a new mum, laughed too hard and well, I think you can imagine why she needed Spundies too!”
These lovable panties have even been featured on The Living Room television show, loved by the host, Amanda Keller.

Spundies literally have you covered for any of life’s embarrassing or awkward situations. They come in a cute, credit card size tin, which can fit into your clutch or wallet or pocket— how convenient is that!


They are one-size-fits-all, made out of soft microfibre, which washes and dries in 10 minutes, AND they have no visible panty line. I love this, because it means that when I’m wearing a figure hugging white dress, I can just put on a pair of these and am ready to go.

The range comes in three main colours: white, black and nude and can even be purchased in multi packs to have you covered for all occasions.

Spundies are available in Priceline Stores all around Australia and are now making their way into the international market.
“We’re an innovative yet practical Company that makes a great product, uniquely packaged, that nobody else has created but EVERY woman needs,” said Pillon.
For more information about Spundies or to purchase this must-have handbag item, visit their website

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  1. Loving this article how fab is this I am so going to go and buy some