Friday, 14 August 2015

Let’s Talk Business: Laura Lana Creative

Laura LanaCreative was established to assist Australian designers with creative ideas for their brand. The company has worked with brands like 17 Sunday’s, a plus size brand, and a menswear label Hew. They are constantly working with new emerging designers.

The director of the company, Laura, works with brands to improve their current operations in the design sector to help them stand out from the crowd. Laura does this by assisting with mood boards and colour schemes while also providing trend forecasting for the next season to keep designers ahead. Laura maintains long-term relationships with all of the brands she works with inspiring new ideas and dreams whilst fitting in with all of the existing processes and team.

“My experience in this fast paced industry saw creativity and originality get lost amongst demanding deadlines and high volume ranges.”

Laura has previously worked as a designer in the commercial fashion industry and discovered a key downfall in the fashion industry whereby brands were not focusing on the design process, which she believes is a key aspect to success.

“It inspired a business idea; to create an outlet that assists businesses fill any gaps and focus on areas within the creative process that tend to get neglected.”

As with content marketing raising brand performance, the creative design process is the equivalent in fashion design. Originality in Australian fashion is something which is lacking and that is why it is important to invest in the design process.

laura lana creative
Laura can assist your brand with marketing campaigns and keeping an eye on competitors through their Shop Report Service. Every business that she works with receives a unique service, matching their ideal customer and taste.

The benefit also is that my services are tailored, so any trend forecasting and design ideas are created for that label only, it saves time scrawling through endless trend reports that are not relevant to their target market."

These are some examples of Laura's trend forecasting

laura lana creative

“Brands can no longer replicate concepts and styles from overseas high street stores. Australian brands need to work at developing their own signature designs and forming a distinct handwriting that engages their customer’s attention again and again.”

Laura believes that Australian's are now intrigued by overseas styles as a result of travel, so it is no longer
enough to replicate and recycle styles. I know that I can relate to this as a consumer, when you travel overseas and see some amazing styles and then come back home only to find that the same style is brought into the Australian fashion market a year or two later.

Laura Lana Creative allows small businesses and designers to empower their business with rich fashion industry experience, while still fitting into the company budget.

“Laura believes that investing time in researching emerging trends across various resources, can help inspire marketable, saleable products.”

As well as this, Laura Lana Creative has an eye for vintage pieces, which conform to the current market trends. She stocks different fabrics and key pieces under the Vintage Wardrobe and Exclusive Print. Each piece that she finds is a one off and can be purchased on her online store.

laura lana creative 

If you are interested in collaborating with Laura Lana, or would like to check out some of her vintage pieces visit her website.

Photo Credit: Laura Lana Creative

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