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Australian Organic Awareness Month- Are you aware?

This September is Australian Organic Awareness Month #AOAM, which is a celebration of all Certified organic products bearing the Australian Certified Organic logo.
“Australian Organic has over 14,000 brands currently holding their certified organic bud logo; and this is not just food it is also wine, baby food, pet products, gardening, beauty, skin care, clothing, textiles and more! You can literally fill you cupboards and fridge with certified organic products!”
You would be surprised that many organic products that you use have this logo and have been approved by the organisation. It’s always great to know that you are doing your bit to live a full and healthy life.

I have found some Certified Organic Beauty Products that I am excited to share with you. If you are sitting there thinking, why should I use organic skincare products over ‘normal’ products, the answer is simple… It’s all about using products, which are kind to your body as well as the environment.

Australian Organic Awareness Month

Divine by Therese Kerr
The first product that I tried was Divine by Therese Kerr Tooth Mousse in the peppermint and chamomile flavour. It contains a mix of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Rooibos Tea, sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil and the potent peppermint and chamomile.

What surprised me about this product was the light and fluffy texture; it is a pleasant alternative to your traditional Colgate toothpaste.

What’s even better is that the toothpaste is vegan and Gluten free—perfect for my mum who is a Coeliac, but that’s not to say it isn’t a better option for the whole family! You can purchase the toothpaste from the Divine website for $19.95.

Australian Organic Awareness Month

Savi products also have the Certified Organic logo, and I tried the Soothe cream. The smell of the lotion is immediately refreshing and invigorating—that’s what struck me most. The lotion has a combination of Calendula and Rosemary extract and is great primarily to moisturise—especially in those winter months i.e. now because my hands are ridiculously dry.

It is also formulated to help strengthen nails and cuticles bonus! Each of their products are handcrafted and blended with the final consumer in mind. Savi also ensure that all of their packaging is biodegradable.

Australian Organic Awareness Month

Carol’s beauty
As we edge into the transition to Spring and Summer we start to realise that we might need to build up our sun kissed glow again. Now there are all of the artificial tanning alternatives, which are great especially when they are eco friendly, but can sometimes be a little costly. So when you are opting for the self-tanning option Carol’s Beauty is the way to go.

“We’re all aware of the need to slip slop slap, but finding a balance between protecting our skin and having a healthy glow is a perennial problem for lots of Aussie people. Torn between blistering our skin in the summer sun or being stuck with a streaky fake tan or uneven colouration, style conscious women have very little choice when it comes to finding middle ground.” says Carol’s Beauty founder Carol Jaber.

Australian Organic Awareness Month

It’s great to know that while you are sitting on the beach soaking up the sun these products are working on protecting and soothing your skin with all natural ingredients. Both the oil and lotion get the desired effect when applied with an SPF 15 sunscreen to ensure that you do not burn. The Ylang Ylang oil give the bottles their wonderful fresh scent.

The iconic orange bottles of Carol’s products are all made from recycled materials. This duo can be purchased in the 30ml size for $9.99 each or the 100ml size for $34.99 each.

For my Fiji holiday this September—I know what I'll be packing to keep my skin looking healthy and tanned on the beach!

Wot Not
So here’s something a little different perfect for all mother’s out there. Products with the Australian Certified Organic know how important it is to have your baby or child using only the best products on their skin. If it’s good enough for a baby’s bum, you can surely say it’s pretty much good enough for anyone. The Wot Not baby balm uses a combination of pawpaw, comfrey oil, chamomile and aloe vera, which is perfect to heal and soothe chapped or rashy skin. It is available on their website for $16.99. Wot Not also have the Wot Not Her range featuring natural face wipes and vegan friendly makeup brushes.

Australian Organic Awareness Month

This belief is shared with the Australian Organic suppliers who ensure that all of their beauty and skincare products adhere to organic standards. With the Australian Certified Organic logo comes a whole meaning and awareness to consumers which should be more widespread.

Whether you are young or old, protecting your skin with the best ingredients and products is essential. If you wouldn’t eat it why would you put it on your skin?

Australian Organic Awareness Month has received a growing amount of support since it’s launch last year. This year don’t miss out on on the awesome giveaway of a 5-night escape to the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in Queensland!

Australian Organic Awareness Month will run from 1st to 30th September.

For more information about Australian Organic Awareness Month or to purchase any of these wonderful products visit their websites: Australian Organic | Divine | Carol’s Beauty | Savi | Wot Not. 

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