Friday, 24 July 2015

Workout with Artitude- LADY BOLD

Former health and lifestyle journalist Karina, paired her experience and passion to found an active wear brand. But not just any old fitness wear instead one with style.

It is always a little boring to be wearing black on black or other dark colours with one pop of colour.

With over 16 years of experience under her belt, Karina combined her love of artwork and talent in drawing with her passion for fitness to create this high-end brand for women.

Each piece in Karina’s collection takes around 3-4 months to complete. She uses high performance LBoost athletic fabrics to promote functionality. As well as this the fabrics are all semi compression.
“Whether you’re pushing yourself through a high intensity workout or mastering the downward dog, the signature fabrics help to support your muscles as you move and wicks moisture as you sweat. You’ll be boldly standing out in comfort!” says Karina.
The semi compression tights feature her hand drawn artwork and each piece in the collection tells a story. Designed to make a statement, Lady Bold stocks a limited number of pieces with each design. Karina likens her manufacturing process to that of nurturing a baby.
“When you wear Lady Bold, you are the owner of unique and original artwork that cannot be found elsewhere.”
Karina is responsible for all of her own photography and even models the clothes herself.

Her collection includes not only compression tights, but a wonderful array of handcrafted tops.

Lady Bold has been featured in Women’s Health and fitness magazine, The Herald Sun and various other publications.

The pricing of the collection starts at $49.90 for tops and $59.90 for tights.

For information about Lady Bold visit Karina’s website or if you are more of a social media person follow her instagram page!

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