Friday, 10 July 2015

Daisy Organic Beauty- Eco Tan

Located in South Morang is a small business called Daisy Organic Beauty which brings a whole new definition to the word eco.

daisy organic beauty
The owner of the business Mary Astuto has over 6 years of experience as an organic beautician. She uses a wide range of different products and services which are perfect for any occasion and will satisfy your eco conscience.

One of the products that I was most impressed with was the Eco Tan.

With a mixed blend of organic ingredients, Eco Tan avoids synthetic food colourings leaving you with a natural looking tan.

The first time I tried Eco Tan I was extremely cautious as I had never had a fake tan before. It was for my yearly dancing concert and I had watched one too many girls walking past looking a little unappealing… A little like carrots actually.

Mary ensured the whole process was carefree and ran smoothly as it can be daunting.

I was not left disappointed. I have a very pale complexion and often find it hard to get a nice tan in the summer. I tried the Eco Tan Rich Honey spray, and the colour was a perfect match for my skin.
eco tan
Eco Tan Rich Honey Professional Solution
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This was like the tan I had never had before (literally) and I got so many compliments.

The product is made from natural Cacao, otherwise known as chocolate, herbs, flower extract, fruit extract and chamomile. It smells wonderful and chocolately, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily.

Once I washed off the residue, my skin felt soft and moisturised and didn’t leave me with that product feel.
eco tan

Eco Tan has been certified organic since 2011 and this achievement has been internationally recognised.

At Daisy Organic Beauty the Eco Tan application is $32.

For more about Daisy Organic Beauty visit their website or find out more about Eco Tan products at

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