Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Wordsmith Candles- They really are sent from heaven

I have just discovered a wonderful small business based in Geelong selling natural soy candles.

Kirsten McDonald, owner and creator of Angel Sent Candles established the eco friendly business in 2005.

Twelve years ago she was diagnosed with a chronic illness, which impacted every aspect of her life, but this never overshadowed her aspirations and with a positive mind Kirsten discovered natural therapies, meditation and most importantly Aromatherapy.

The idea for her Angel Sent candles arose after she got her hands on a soy wax candle from the USA to use during her meditation sessions.

Aromatherapy, positive energy and lot’s of love are the guiding principles for her Wordsmith Candle range.

wordsmith candles

The company has 7 different candle ranges which each have their own unique theme and scents as well as 10 years of experience in the candle making industry.

It was Kirsten’s passion for literature and poetry and her love for Aromatherapy which ignited the unique Wordsmith range.

wordsmith candle packaging

The wonderful scents of each candle take time and memory, "Memory is the greatest creative vehicle we draw scent from, we listen to our customers, we smell everything... As master blenders; our job is to know each note and how to put it together in a compliment."

Angel Sent use only the purest Soy Wax and Beeswax derived from the Goulburn Valley in Victoria and they are combined with high quality Therapist Grade Essential Oils and Botanical Fragrances.

Kirsten uses a variety of  different essential oils, partnered to make new exciting fragrances. “We own a scent catalogue that has just over 300 different oils, we blend each scent ourselves, some take up to a year to create", says Kirsten.

candle boutique

Kirsten believes that the prolonged life of the candles is a result of their use of soy and beeswax in all of their candles "Soy wax is incredibly economical and long burning as is beeswax; so you are looking at a minimum of 15 hours in our tiny candles to the largest we have made which is 400+ hours."

Kirsten has found that the most popular colour for the candles are "good old fashioned white", but she assures us that she can create the candles in any colour and any size.

Quotes are a key feature of the range and some of the most popular quotes, which feature on the front of the candles, are from inspirational individuals such as Tolkien, Eleanor Roosevelt and Robert Frost. However, the choices are endless as WordSmtih candles can be customised to suit each and every personality.

Personally my favourite Wordsmith candle reads:
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Virginia Woolfe
What is even more amazing about these candles is the eco friendly wrapping sourced from Australian manufacturers. They were so beautiful to look at that it took me a while to actually unwrap them.

wordsmith candle packaging

After, sitting down on the couch rugged up with a blanket on a cold Winter’s night with the scent of the candle wafting through the house I can definitely say that these candles are angel sent.

wordsmith candle stockist
One of Angel Sent's many stockists

To find more about the Wordsmith candle range or other Angel Sent collections visit the website or visit one of her stockists.

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