Friday, 27 March 2015

Neiman Marcus

Finally, a website bringing the goods to Australia at an affordable price with free shipping over $175 USD.

For those of us who love online shopping sometimes the Australian websites aren't enough. However, shipping off US websites makes it almost impossible to buy.

But not now! I am a huge lover of Michael Kors, and on my trips to America I indulge in the US prices because the prices at stores in Australia are near double!

To get their best out of their website you should sign up to their email notifications. They send a lot of emails but if you are looking at buying something specific its worth it.

Occasionally they have discounts on bags and via email provide you with extra codes like $50 USD off your purchase of over $200.

One of my most prized purchases from there was the Michael Kors Sophie Messenger Bag in SURF. Originally it was $495 AUD. I waited a bit and found that it went on sale for $310 and I used an email discount to get around $65 AUD extra off the price.

Great Buy! Definitely recommend.


Saturday, 21 March 2015

VAMFF- Happy birthday InStyle

Happy Birthday InStyle! InStyle's fifteenth anniversary as a magazine was celebrated 'in style' at VAMFF. With the likes of Magraw, Trelise, Thurley, Aurelio Costarella and an amazing line up of favourite designers for the finale, the InStyle show went out with a bang (literally), and a whole heap of giant balloons.

Friday, 20 March 2015

VAMFF- National Graduate Showcase

The National Graduate Showcase exhibited bright colours and distinct shapes to showcase the best talent arising from universities in Melbourne. My personal favourites were Vanessa Emiran, Sofie Teh and Natalie K.